Is there a way to "insert" a post into a discussion?

I want to insert some information into a previous discussion that is getting quite some search engine traffic. I am a moderator and could edit any post in the topic, but I would greatly prefer to be able to insert a post under my username directly after the topic creating post. Is this possible somehow?

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Not that I’m aware of, no.


I believe that posts are pulled from the database in ID order. So even if you back-date the post, it’ll still appear at the end of the discussion.

You can do this with moderation rights by using our ‘move posts’ feature:

  • move all posts below the first in the original topic to a new, temporary topic
  • add a new reply to the original topic (so now there is just the topic plus one reply)
  • move all posts from the temporary topic back to the original topic

You end up with e.g.:

Which should be suitable for once-off operations. What it looks like, for posterity:


They’re actually ordered based on the post_number :wink:


Good hack @supermathie – I hadn’t thought of that.


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