A way to reorder posts?

(Danny Dulai) #1

is there a way to reorder posts in a topic? the problem occurs when threads are created by select + move posts by multiple moderators.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

This would require the ability to set timestamp on the posts cc @sam @tgxworld

(Danny Dulai) #3

Why? Are the posts always supposed be in order of time? …because that’s not what I’m seeing.

I reproduced by selecting 10 posts from the bottom of a long topic and moving them into a new topic. Then I selected 3 from the top of the same topic and moved them into the same new topic. The 3 are showing up at the end, the 10 are showing up above the 3.

If that’s not what you were implying, ignore this post :smile:

UPDATE: Changing timestamp through UI
(Jeff Atwood) #4

Oh yes I forgot about that. Good point. We thought it would be bizarre if previously sequential posts had other posts randomly interspersed with them. So a pure time order of insertion when splitting topics seemed like a bad idea…

(Danny Dulai) #5

Your decision was a good one, and the ability to move posts to an existing topic is awesome way of cleaning up the site, but it gets confusing if you can’t reorder.

It helps a ton when trying to keep topics on-topic.

(Alan Tan) #6

What is the priority on this? I expect this to be pretty nasty. :cat2: (Wait this is a cat???..)

(Jeff Atwood) #7

I think this is hard/complex enough we should defer and attack other more 1.4-ish problems for now.

(Stefan Brand) #8

Hi, I just had the same problem and, I think, an easy an elegant solution would be to allow for posts to be “moved from one topic into the same topic”. At the moment it is not possible to press “Move into existing topic” and then enter the same topic ID as the original topic (e.g. moving posts from ID 10820 to ID 10820, for them to appear at the end of the post list).

What do you think about it?

(Dave McClure) #9

Today, I was trying to illustrate a potential use case for Discourse. We have some “weekly update” communications from various teams that are currently sent via email. I wanted to show how this would look if we did this in Discourse instead, so I was going through my inbox and copying/pasting messages into an example topic in Discourse. I wanted to change the dates to match the original email dates. This way the “gaps” and the “timeline” in the progress bar would look more “real”.

Would be cool if we could do this. (Might come up again if there’s enough interest in actually migrating old content into Discourse, though perhaps that will just be done by some other means).

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(Allan Stromfeldt Christensen) #10

Not sure if this is the right place for this query but it was pointed out to me in reply to a topic I recently created. As I stated:

I’ve got a few dozen comments that I’m manually importing (we’re talking copying and pasting into the comment box) from Commentics to Discourse. Supposing a previous user from Commentics has set up an account with my new Discourse install I discovered that I can change ownership of the comment from me (as the copier and paster) to said user. What I’m wondering is, now that I’ve done that is it also possible to change the timestamp of said comments in a similar way to how it’s possible to change the timestamp of a topic? If not, would it be possible via some non-GUI method?

(Tobias Eigen) #11

In the process of moving some wikis to discourse, I came across this issue. I’d like to do what I’ve seen here on meta where a topic has a series of wiki posts in it. This is helpful because it lets those that follow (including our future selves) to quickly edit a section without having to scroll through loads of markdown.

Reordering these posts after they have been posted becomes a challenge. Am I right in understanding that the “official” method for slotting in a post later is to select the ones that should go below, move them to a new temporary topic, then move them back again after adding the new post?

Or, if all the posts you want to reorder exist already, you’d move them into new temporary topics and then move them back in order you want?

This somehow seems… complicated. Also, it seems to leave behind artifacts like this that I am not seeing a way to remove.

Is there something I am missing here?