Admin report graph y-axis issue on narrow screens

I noticed that the number of registrations is incorrect. I don’t know if this is already known.

I’m not aware of other reports of issues with the Signups report. Do you know if this is happening on a site that’s hosted by us? If it is, we can have a look at what is going on with the report on your site.

I got some more details about this issue. What’s happening is that when the reports are loaded in the mobile view, the number of points displayed for the report’s y-axis is dependent on the screen’s width, but the data points are not re-aligned correctly when the y-axis points are adjusted. For example, on an iPhone emulator (with mobile view enabled) I’m seeing this:


On a narrower Galaxy S5 emulator (after refreshing the page) I’m seeing this:


In the second image, the second to last data point is for two visits, but it is incorrectly aligned with the 6 visits point from the y-axis.

If the points of the y-axis are adjusted for smaller screen sizes, then the graph’s data points should probably also be adjusted to reflect the y-axis.