Advanced Search Before and after

Hi guys,

I routinely look for “best of” content for the month gone by, for a variety of reasons the easy way of sorting “top liked in this cat past month” isn’t always available (might be doing this 10 days after the new month starts).

In the advanced search we’ve got this:


If there were both a before and after field to narrow search down that would solve my specific issue, I’m sure there must be a fair number of use-cases where someone wants to search for stuff between January 2017 and March 2017 who don’t have access to data explorer. The code is already done for the before/after, possibly it could be a drop down if the first field is interacted with?


I feel this is somewhat of an uber advanced setting you can achieve it without the UI:

#feature before:2018-08-10 after:2018-08-09