Before and after are not implemented right in search

@Gunnar is travelling today, so it will be a while until he can provide that info.

A search for “after:2018-07-18” (i.e. after tomorrow) still yields the same 37 hits.

I also noticed that opening the link here:

Changes it from “after” to “before”, which I presume is an unrelated bug.


Yeah this is pretty dodge… back in the day my implementation was after:5 and before:5 where 5 is the number of days ago.

Somehow a date snuck in … somehow the advanced UI gets confused between before and after.

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It shows as the screen shot when the tab opens, hitting refresh doesn’t change anything, but hitting the search button then back corrects it.

EDIT (not enough coffee yet): The list of hits that it lands with, before clicking anything, is apparently correct.

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Fixed in

Thanks for reporting @JagWaugh