Advanced search refreshes page when adding "posted by" user

When attempting to add a user to the “posted by” advanced search field, the page refreshes preventing the user from being added to the search query.

  1. Navigate to advanced search at /search?expanded=true
  2. Enter a user into the posted by field.
  3. Click the user from the autocomplete list.
  4. Browser refresh is triggered.


Might be me, I refactored user-selector this morning. Will have a look.


I think it’s the same bug, I can’t assign anymore. The page does a full-refresh whenever I click a username in the autocomplete list.


This also seems to impact the ability to send PMs. Full-refresh when selecting a user from autocomplete in the composer.

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Same problem trying to change the owner on a post, as soon as the user is selected from autocomplete, the page refreshes and the whole dialog is lost.

Been fixed.