Advanced Search UI

Advanced Search was primarily a hidden power user feature and as such it didn’t have a user friendly UI. Today it has one.

Whenever anyone lands on the full page search, they can now expand the Advanced Search options and filter their search results using a much cleaner and easier UI.

Search results can be filtered by

  • a specific user
  • a specific category
  • users that belong to a particular group
  • users that have a specific badge
  • topics that contain the following tags
  • posts that I liked
  • topics I posted in
  • topics I’m watching or tracking
  • posts that are in my messages
  • posts and topics that I bookmarked
  • limited to the first post in a topic
  • topics that are open, closed, or archived
  • topics that have zero replies
  • topics that contain a single user
  • posts that were posted before or after a given date or number of days ago
  • topics that have a minimum number of replies

As the search options are filled out, search terms are auto-completed to assure users they’re typing in terms that the system will recognise.

So give it a shot!


This is great! Well integrated indeed :slight_smile:

Any chance at providing a link to /search from the search bar in the upper right to have it more exposed? Users might be able to discover it more quickly if that were the case. (edit, derp, still catching up. For those following only this topic and not its sister, this suggestion was already planned.)

Just a note, I find “in Group” and “with Badge” to be so hyper-specialized I’ve commented them out in the HTML markup for now.

That’s fair. I thought the same thing when I created them. In fact, I can’t think of a single time I used either one (well except when I was testing the new feature).


Any chance of adding the top where Topic: Is Solved / Un-Solved? in:solved in:unsolved


I use them for finding staff replies on our Discourse forum. Use is rare, but I think it should be communicated they exist somewhere.

Also, I think it’d be great if “options” was changed to “Advanced Search” in the following prompt for clarification purposes, and to distinguish it from the previous “options” button which opened a search help popup on the same page – this button no longer does that so keeping the same name may lead unexpected behavior.


I like the idea of changing the word there but “advanced search” is too long and the word “search” would be twice in the line.

Nah, “options” describes it perfectly and is very succinct. As for finding a group reply go to the group page /groups/groupname

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This feature is long done and been through a full v2 now