Advanced search: posts from members of a group

The seen/unseen filter is great.

Would it be a great deal of work to include a groups filter? It wouldn’t need any UX real estate, it could just be a part of “Posted by”.

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it technically exists, just “power” setting. Using group:<name> or group:<id>


I rarely ever use smilies, or the word “awesome”, but:

:open_mouth: Awesome!


I guess this wouldn’t be useful enough to be integrated into the advanced search interface?

My recent use cases:

  1. I was looking for particular information from a Discourse staff member, but I couldn’t remember who. Filter messages from this group of users have helped.

  2. On my forum, I have a group in which I put business professionals. It can be useful to quickly have an overview of all their messages (as they write official information), regardless of any brand/manufacturer/seller in particular, etc without having to look at their individual message. Plus, they often work together, so the information is not always “compartmentalized” between these different entities.