Advertise activity in a private category (discourse-category-lockdown)

There is no workaround?

Everything broke in 2019. Maybe everything is still broken…

No, we’re using this in production since 2018 or so.

Did you see this?

Have you tried it with the chat plugin?

I was merely responding to the suggestion that the entire plugin was broken since 2019.

And did you see this?


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Just to check, so this commit means it does currently work with Chat?

@Mr.X_Mr.X @matenauta

Ah. No sorry. That’s what I expected was the case, but I wasn’t clear. It’s hard to make sense of this topic that spans years!

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Just to update this topic. Am using this plugin and no actual errors or bugs that I know off.


Haven’t upgraded my Discourse instance in a long time and this plugin is a key part of my community. Is it still supported in latest version?


yes, its working @dylanb
my discourse is 2.9.0.beta9 version (september/2022)

thank you for sharing @fzngagan
very useful to me


Is it possible to continue the development of this plug-in to restrict the content viewing for unauthorized users? User Page Activity listing to be more specific.

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I cannot seem to find a way to activate the lock to redirect a category to a single URL? How do I do that?

Does this plugin work alongside Topic List Excerpts, to show excerpts on the list of topics?

Does this plugin work with Category Previews?

The category previews theme component and this plugin work differently so it makes no sense to combine them.

The category previews prevents access to the actual category and shows a “fake” category instead.

This plugin leaves the category accessible and prevents access to the actual topics in the category.


I’ve moved some posts to a new topic since they have nothing to do with the plugin…
6 posts were split to a new topic: Tag lockdown?

Hi Faizaan, your work is awesome. And I have another needs, that user are able to view and post their own topics, even if that topics are in restricted category. Currently I figured that there is no way to do that. The component will redirect all the topics in the restricted category. Would you be interested in adding this feature? Thank you very much!!!


Haven’t updated my Discourse instance in a while, is this plugin still confirmed working in latest?

It works for me, and I updated… two days ago.

It’s working like old days :slight_smile: