After recoverying a Backup file on new "On-premise" VM - Site no longer works


I habe recovered a Backup File from the cloud instance. After recovering it on my own debian server, the URL / Title of the page can be seen the login page is however white.

  • Safe Mode” does not work.
  • Browser Cache is cleaned.
  • I have rebuilt the app, no difference.

Do you have an idea, what still could be done?

These errors have been reported according to the browser console:

I have checked it in the production log as well, The connection to REDIS Servers seems not to work.

I have deleted the container, rebooted the VM and installed Discourse once again. I have received this error:

Docker: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint app …

Thank you for your suggestions.


you might have something listening on the 80 port (nginx ?)

I have stopped nginx and rebuilt the app.

According to production log REDIS doesnt work´:

Do you have any idea what to do? I have already rebooted, rebuilt, container destroyed and it newly pulled etc. nothing has helped …

:thinking: sudo systemctl status redis ?

Redis is not found …


How can I start redis in the discourse container properly?

If I try to start it, it doesn´t work:




I have been actually able to install it first with a help of a tutorial. After I have recovered a backup from a discourse-hoster, I have received only white pages. Since that time I am not able to install it …

It can be that my reboots, rebuilds have crashed the vm itself.

How did you do that ?
./discourse-setup again ?

Debian 10.5 (Buster)

I have made it, many times, of course.

I think the problem is that redis works no longer and I do not now how to start it.
I have already pulled the discourse container, it has not helped however.

I think
I destroy the container,
delete the directory,
pull the container from git
and start from scratch again …

As you see, I have made it as simple as possible:

Indeed, I thought discourse-setup took care of the redis install :thinking: I guess you could try installing it “by hand” and follow what is done discourse_docker/install-redis at main · discourse/discourse_docker · GitHub

What is below your screenshot though ?
Any error after ./discourse-setup ?

The endresult of the installation was:

I will try to install redis manually …

well redis seems ok here :thinking:


Discourse should work now! (it doesn´t)

Docker seems to be OK:

According “.launcher logs app” the issue must be with the certificate …:

I’m sorry, my mistake for the systemctl check, I do have redis installed on the host but for another purpose, the redis you’re looking for is installed in the container.

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Ok, one option would be to get a new Ubuntu VM (it costs however pretty much for our institute).
I think it is best solution just now, isn´t it?

that could come from your app.yml, what do you have there ?

## Uncomment these two lines if you wish to add Lets Encrypt (https)
#  - "templates/web.ssl.template.yml"
#  - "templates/web.letsencrypt.ssl.template.yml"

you might also have hit a letsencrypt’s renew limit…


no, I am “root” here. It is internal VM, no public access /up to now/

Thank you, it was the solution… :slight_smile:

Now I can access the GUI. I am curius, if the recovery of the backup crashes it again.

Are there any preparations, being necessary for an successful recovery from an other server?

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