Agnostic Invite Link

Setting/keeping them at T3 isn’t an issue; we prefer to let the trust levels do their thing.

It’s more that I can’t know ahead of time who will prove themselves via the T3 criteria, but I would still like to invite them here as a reward once they do so.

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If you can figure that one out a number of us would appreciate access to that particular crystal ball. Suffice to say that even with the best intentions there are a multitude of reasons that people who should make great community members and contributors can turn out to be… less so.

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Oh I believe it lol. The community in question for me has been online for 18 years. I’ve definitely learned that age does not indicate trust.

I should clarify though, it’s not that crystal ball I want. T3 does what I need there just fine, but I would like a means to invite them here automatically after they meet that threshold. An invite link as described by @8BIT that doesn’t require an email address to generate would provide this.


So by community you don’t mean a discourse community?

It is one now, but only as of 2017. I wouldn’t say that we primarily identify as one though; more that Discourse is the latest and most successful tool we’ve used to wrangle ourselves.

Hi - has there been any movement on an agnostic invite link? Let me give you my scenario, similar to one of the above:

I run an online coding school that uses an LMS to store onboarding material and curriculum for our students. We’re constantly enrolling students on an ongoing basis, and this is where the agnostic invite link comes into play.

In order for us to scale and be more efficient in our processes, it would be very beneficial for us to have 1 invite link that we post in our LMS for our students to join, rather than having to invite them by email (even in bulk, with ongoing enrollment periods this is not sustainable). This is an area/platform that only our enrolled students would have access to. We do this for ALL of our other tools, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Pathwright courses, Clockify, etc.

Any idea if/when this feature will become available?

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The best solution would be to use the LMS as an SSO master or have the LMS add the user via the API.

(But I lamented the same thing when I was using Discourse to teach online classes.)


Yep, this is precisely what SSO is for. Invites are only really necessary for decoupled communities, if you have any kind of existing user identities I would strongly recommend you integrate with that.


Thanks to both of you! I passed this on to our software developer and we figured out a way to implement it. :slight_smile:


In our community, we have a yearly contest that would benefit from “affiliate invitation links”.

Contestants score points when users they referred achieve a level and gain some badges.