AI helper - other language translations

I imagine this might already be on the roadmap, but would love to see the AI helper have some other language translation options. I got excited to see this new feature as a way to better connect members of our community for whom English is a second language, but it’s very English-centric right now.

When writing a post, you have the option of a custom instruction which adds flexibility, but this doesn’t seem to be available when using the helper to read a post. Enabling the custom instruction on the helper when reading a post would pretty much solve this issue as it would allow a non-English speaker to highlight the text and ask for a translation in whatever language they need.


As a member of micro level language I defenetly gives +1 for this. Would it be too difficult if it follows language setting of Diacourse?

Bumping this topic for German language support :slight_smile:

It should be working in German now, have you tried it recently.

@sam Is that for 3.2 or 3.3? We are using 3.2 and so far I only see English language and no site settings to change that.

Latest version of discourse ai @Jagster can confirm

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Much better. Thanks!

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