Ai plugin ocr support

Can support be added to the Discourse ai plugin to add the text in the images to the post (ocr)? Can google lens api (cloud vision) support be added for this?

Example: GitHub - communiteq/discourse-ocr-uploads


It’s in our roadmap to leverage a multi-modal LLM to create image descriptions, which should also provide some level of OCR. But for pure OCR maybe give that plugin a try?


I used this plugin in older versions of Discourse and it worked. But unfortunately it no longer works in the new version of Discourse

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See AI Image Captioning Feature in Discourse AI Plugin, this is now ready and enabled here on meta.


Thanks for this feature, I will try it @Falco @pmusaraj


I think we should still keep this open, the captioning feature is adjacent to OCR but not exactly OCR.

OCR for example would allow you to take a photo of your notes and then upload and print them exactly. The AI captioning is much more sophisticated but also does not give you that fidelity of printing an entire page of text.

Not sure when we will have time to work on an OCR, but it does feel a bit different.