AI Summary date is wrong

When opening up the summary for An overview of features in Discourse Sidebar (maybe any topic with AI), it stated that I summarized it today. TL2 does not have the power to summarize topics, and the topic summary is outdated, therefore making the date incorrect.

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I think you may be reading a summary that someone else initiated earlier.

Ah, I think I see what you mean. I’ve just checked a few topics as anon that I know had an AI summary and they all have today’s date on.


But how is it possible it was summarized on oct 21 and at the same time the summary is outdated because there are three posts missing?


Deletions and a topic was split out of there

I guess the request here is to invalidate summary on deletion and splitting

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But that did not happen today, did it? The summary says it was created today.


Nope, but maybe this is the cause of the bug, there are deleted posts at the end


It seems like all AI summaries are getting today’s date on them if you’re looking at pre-generated ones. eg. looking at the ones from these topics in an incognito tab as anon:


Yep, that is a bug that’s been bothering me for a while now. We will take a look at it in due time.