AI that monitors logs

Saw this

DoctorGPT is a lightweight self-contained binary that monitors your application logs for problems and diagnoses them.

and thought, hey Discourse might benefit from such.

Personally I disagree with the name containg the word Doctor as it is very misleading.


Thanks for sharing. The project is far from being production-ready so use carefully. I also noticed that the name DoctorGPT has been taken by another GPT medical project. I’ll think about how to rename the project so it’s less misleading.


I mean, LoGPT is right there :slight_smile:


The only reason I am not flagging this as off topic is because you are part of the team.

I have no idea what you are trying to say. Googling for LoGPT gives nothing that makes sense.

Hey Eric :slight_smile:

If you don’t understand what someone is talking about, you can also ask for clarification. No need to report, whether the person is part of the team or not :slight_smile:


Hey Eric,

It was a bit of an off-topic remark, in response to the author thinking about a new name for his Log (analysing) GPT.
I tried to make a joke, it clearly failed with a part of the audience :slight_smile:


Thanks, makes sense now.

When I read it I thought you were pointing out a feature of Discourse that already existed, I.e. LoGPT, and did the same as the noted DoctorGPT. I try to keep up on the changes to Discourse but also know that some developers are capable of creating such things as DoctorGPT overnight so thought I missed something, I did but missed the wrong thing.

No harm, no foul. :slightly_smiling_face:

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