ChatGPT Assistant Integration

Has anyone got it figured out?

I’d say so: Discourse AI


(btw technically neither of these plugins are “ChatGPT” as that name refers to their web product. These plugins leverage the OpenAI GPT LLMs)


If that is matter of assistant as OpenAI it defines as a service it is AFAIK impossible, for now anyway.

But if it is meaning ”digital assistant that works as a chatbot doing various things” then there is those two options.

I’m using both of them. These are a bit different solutions aiming different targets and I would say even both have some pros and cons using both gives result where 1+1 is more than 2.

So… I’m heading toward off topic, again, but I really hope that even those two are competive products you guys can be that much co-operative that you can avoid technical conflicts.

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I asked my Assistant


The AI Helper and Summarisation modules are quite useful too. :+1: And Sentiment also compliments the Toxicity and NSFW modules.

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