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Thank you so much.


I just installed this theme and the search banner text if I change to dark or light doesnt show. Can anyone guide me as to where I can change this?

Here is a screenshot

@jordan-vidrine thank you so much for this great theme! As a new discourse developer this made everything so easy. We are having two small issues that we cannot seem to find a workaround for, when following your instructions.

  1. the light mode / dark mode toggle is not available, even when selecting two color themes as available to choose from
  2. perhaps not your theme issue, we are trying to add a custom link to the hamburger menu underneath badges, to send to an external zendesk site. We are using this component, which should be compatible, but the default or custom links do not show. Any ideas?

The community site can be found here

Thank you for your help!


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Hmmm… I’m not sure why that is the case. It is working on my demo instance.

That component is no longer compatible with our new drop down header.

As an admin of your forum though, you should see a pencil in the upper right corner of the drop down.

Clicking this will allow you to edit the links in that menu, and add a custom link as well.

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We might have accidentally jumped on the beta version :face_with_spiral_eyes:, so there was no going back! I will update to the latest beta and try again.

Regarding the link addition via admin, that seems to only work for internal links, not external


you need to add the full “” url.


Definitely thought that was tried before. Just upgraded to the latest beta, tried your suggestion and works great. Thank you so much!!! :raised_hands:


A few more quick questions that I thought would make sense to post here for the benefit of all.

  1. when using darker backgrounds, light mode / dark mode switching does not always work out so well for readability. Is there a way to disable the dark mode text color switching for the welcome header and description line?

  1. Above the category selection and filter header on each category page there is a lot of wasted space. Either a thin category banner or none at all would free up space and look cleaner (especially when light mode/dark mode icons both need to be white for style reasons). Is there a way to remove this header? This might be a bug? It only seems to occur when a category image is uploaded.

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is it possible that the avatar that appears to the left of each post represents the creator of the post and not the last person to comment on that same post?

I’ve already installed something that fixes it on mobile, but not on computer.

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Hmm, Im not seeing the category image in the screenshot here.

It’s because the category image is white. Only occurs when an image is uploaded.

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You’ve uploaded a blank white square as a category image?

Just trying to understand what’s going on.

No it’s a blank square with a white icon. Can be seen at

Oh I see thanks for sharing more details.

You can use this CSS in a custom theme component to hide the image.

.category-logo.aspect-image {
    display: none;

That worked great, thank you! Any idea on why the light/dark switcher is not working? Also can you recommend how to disable the dark mode font color switch for the welcome headline and text line below it? AKA how to force it to remain the same font style at all times regardless of light/dark mode.

Thank you again for all of your help.

maybe try this:


I have this when i copy/past the Github link :

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Similar issue here, got any solution ?


@nanohits & @Krusty the solution is in the OP:


Thank you, this solved it!