Alert for when certain tag is used?


I’m an admin. I’d like to be able to add a tag to a topic and then when that tag is used, an individual(s) will be notified (notification or even better, an email)?

Does anyone know if this kind of thing is possible?

Thank you.

See profile /preferences /tags and watch the tag.

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If you need something more complicated than a notification, you can create (under API in the admin interface) a webhook, which will cause a HTTP post (including the topic body and other metadata) to be sent, and one of the options is to have that only fire when a given tag is involved.

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Thanks @pfaffman If I wanted other people in my organisation to be notified when a tag is used what would be the best way? Is this just something they need to action on their end? (they all have discourse accounts)

Put all of the users in a Group (or use an automatic one like Moderators) and in the admin interface for that group, in the tags section, you can set the default for group members to Watching — and I believe when you change that, it will ask if you want to change it for existing group members or just going forward.


This is great, thanks @mattdm I’ll let you know how I get on :+1:

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