All latest images in posts from a category

Hi, is possibile to get all latest images uploaded in posts from a category?

Like this: Featured Tiles Theme Component but from all posts, not only topics.

Thank you in advance,

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Hey Deb :wave:

No, that’s not possible in Discourse by default because topics can have a lot posts and the payload would be really enormous for topics with a lot of replies.

If you really need this, then I suggest creating a topic in the #marketplace category with your budget and our community freelance developers might be able to help you with it.


Actually, reading your post again, you might want to look at this theme component

Maybe that’s what you’re looking for?


I think not, it is always about only topics :frowning:

I have a forum regarding the samples, gifts, prizes won etc. so users put many photos of the products arrived, and in a monthly topic there are the various posts of users who post the photo of what they have received. I wanted to somehow highlight the latest images on the forum homepage but probably yes, it would require a lot of resources for the forum :frowning:
I don’t know other ways, or that I force users to create their own topic instead of replying in a monthly post.

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This might be a good, simple option depending on how many users you have.

If you want to get all the images from all the posts in your monthly topic then, it will require quite a bit of custom work.

If you want to try doing yourself, here’s a starting point

If you don’t have the time to work on it, then you can try the marketplace category like I mentioned before.