Featured Tiles Theme Component

A theme component which adds a row of featured tiles above topic lists:

:link: GitHub - discourse/discourse-featured-tiles

On hover, the topic title and author will be shown:

There are lots of options available for selecting the topic source. Images can be fetched by tag, by category or by using a ‘top topics’ time period. Images can be scoped to the currently viewed category, or come from the entire site.

A setting is added to the user interface preferences which allows users to hide the banner on the current device.



This is amazing! It will attract even more clicks on my forum.

@david although not selected, its showing up on categories page. Also, if a topic has no images, can we set up a default image?

Edit: a member told me its only works on MacOS, cause he can’t see anything.


nice and functional theme :v:.

how is it different from Homepage Feature Component? is it just about the style or there are some more in-depth differences?

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It is mostly the style. Plus the Homepage Feature Component is only designed to use on the homepage. This one works in a few more places.


Can you ask the member to check their browser error console? And also let us know which browser they are using?



unknown (1)


That error looks like it’s coming from another theme component. Can you try disabling them one-by-one?