Allow a hidden topic to be pinned as a banner

Usage :
We have a topic A and we would like to create a banner on this topic.
But the content of the banner will be different. A shorter message and a link to this topic A.
We have created a Topic B with the shorter message and the link to the topic A and pinned this topic B as a banner.
We would like to hide this topic B but creating a pinned topic is not possible on a hidden topic.

I’ve got an easier suggestion:

  1. Put a link to Topic A as a Heading or some obvious link text in Topic A. When you click this it will go to Topic A on a normal Topic page. Make Topic A the banner.

  2. Restrict the banner height if you need to, e.g.

#banner {
  max-height: 150px;

Perhaps the surface of a banner should be clickable …