How to enable a banner topic?

(Ingrid Peters) #1

I was just reading this article about adding a banner topic, but in the Admin settings I do not have the setting ‘banner topic’ as described in the article. Is there a setting I have to activate first?

(Owen Sullivan) #2

That article is old. Now it is under Admin settings on the topic, pin topic, and at the bottom there is the option to make it a banner topic.

(Ingrid Peters) #3

Awesome, thanks Owen both for the answer and the quick reply!

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

Hey, @codinghorror. Perhaps you should update or archive that old post.

(Owen Sullivan) #5

I was going to bump it, but I saw that it was closed. @codinghorror my suggestion is that you make some of the essential tutorials into wikis so that users can edit them as soon as they change.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

OK, I edited that topic to bring it up to date.

(Erik Sundell) #7

I found that in order to make a banner topic, you had to select a topic, press a hamburger button, choose Un-pin topic... and then press a button to make it a banner topic.

(Daniela) #8

You need to Un-pin only if a topic is already Pinned (on its category) or Pinned globally (on the topics list). If it’s a normal topic you do need to Un-pin.