Allow members to invite while "approval required"—or similar

I’m running a Discourse for professionals that asks new signups to certify some membership and training info on the signup page (through custom user fields), so staff approval is required for entry.

I understand that when approval is required, only staff can invite new users, but when they do, the new users are not asked to go through the approval process.

Is it possible to modify Discourse so that either:
A. only staff can invite new users, but the new users still have to go through approval?
B. all members can invite new users, but all new users (including staff invitees) have to be approved?

Option B would be the most preferred.

I realize that it’s staff who make the call on approving new users, so it might seem like it doesn’t make sense to want to make staff approve users they invited. My reasoning is that the signup page’s custom user fields keeps the information within Discourse, whereas for staff inviting a user, if they need to check credentials, etc., they would have to communicate outside Discourse before inviting the user.

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Just adding an idea to this. An Option C might be: If it was possible to disable invitations for everyone including staff, then invitations could instead be accomplished by PMing an email address to create a staged user, who would then require approval upon signup.

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