Allow more fine grained multiplier for TL3 "additional likes per day"

Hi there, as the title says, the tl2_additional_likes_per_day_multiplier accepts decimals, whereas tl3_additional_likes_per_day_multiplier only accepts integers. Seems a bit inconsistent.

Is the issue for you that you need to be able to set more fine grained multiplier for TL3? (And hence want both to be floats and/or allow more precise values?)

Or is it just that the inconsistency makes it confusing and feel like a less polished UX? (In which case maybe you’d be fine if they both only allowed integer multipliers, or something else even more user friendly like words but which may hide more about how things are calculated?

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Hi Dave, appreciate the reply. I was initially attempting to use a more fine grained multiplier for TL3, and I don’t see any downsides to allowing floats on both of them. I can make it work as it is now, but I assumed that it was just a programming oversight to make one float and the other int.

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ok, thanks. I’ve updated the title to capture that now.