Trust Level Qualify TL3 "Likes Received: unique users" should be independent from TL3 "Likes Received"

On our side, trust level 3 depends on a high number of Likes. TL3 should not be easy to reach. Our user base is rather small.

The setting “tl3 requires likes received” is set to 500. Obviously, another hidden requirement is implicitly generated: “Likes Received: unique users” is set to 25% of “tl3 requires likes received”.

This hidden requirement should either be disabled or freely configurable.

Example with “tl3 requires likes received” to 500 (Likes Received: unique users = 125 = 25% of 500):

Example with “tl3 requires likes received” to 100 (Likes Received: unique users = 25 = 25% of 100):

Edit: I also don’t understand “Like Recived: unique days”. Could be another hidden requirement.

I am open to setting these defaults for unique days and unique users a bit lower.

I thought for a while. With all respect to your work, from my point of view, it is still a bug. If I have settings for TL3 promotion, then I do not expect there are more, hidden or derived settings. Defaults are important, no question. But you should be able to adjust them.

I have openly communicated the necessary achievements for TL3 and now there are users who meet them and have not yet TL3. Now I know the reason and can find a solution, so no hurry.

If it is a feature: I would like to be able to put all the necessary TL3 achievements.

Many Thanks.


I don’t consider it a Bug, the code is not broken. Though I agree the feature logic can best be understood by looking at the open source code for it.

4 feels like a good choice as divisor to ensure “spread” - eg. A members TL3 Likes requirement won’t be met because a very few other members over a very days “Like bombed” the member. - but yes, 3, 4 etc. are arbitrary and currently not easily configurable.

Keeping in mind that checks would need to be put in place to deal with “bad math” (eg. Divide by zero) which of those that don’t have a SiteSetting do you feel need them?

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He seems to feel that if TL3 requires 500 likes, it should not also require likes from 125 different users. Instead, he’d like to have it just default to 125, but be a setting he chooses. He did mention small community, so 125 different people active enough to be liking stuff may not be practical.

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Usually a cap is more applicable in those situations.