Allow oneboxing within private categories

In our communities, which have extensive private categories, we are finding the limitations on oneboxing a bit of a problem.

It means that we can’t easily do nice internal linking in any of these categories. As these contain around 50% of our traffic, this is quite a limitation.

It would be great if we could onebox links from the same private category, or also from its parent category(ies) (which by design must share the same permissions).


Returning to this as I am shortly going to ‘open up’ a couple of forums so that they have at least one public category.

Alternatively, I wonder if we could have a warning pop up (maybe with a confirmation modal) when someone attempts to onebox a secure category rather than an all out ban.

This can be worked around by moving the topic being referenced in the onebox to the same category, rebaking the post, and then moving it back again. Bit of a pfaff though.