Onebox for a forum category not working internally?

Hi, I’m a bit confused.
When I post a category link from my forum on the same forum, no onebox shows up (but it works for other links, like a topic link):

But if I post a category link here, it works:

How do I make it work on my own forum?

Why not use the category tags (eg. #support)?


How does this tag work? Is it just a #word with a link on it?
I like the oneboxes, they are pretty plus they display the category description.

Still, I don’t understand why oneboxing a category doesn’t work on my forum? :thinking:

It is intentional

There isn’t much point duplicating description content around your own site. Your readers are already in your community. If there is value in them seeing a link to the category page then they can easily click through and visit that page.

On the other hand, if you are linking to a category on a DIFFERENT site, then maybe the reader wants to know more about what is on that page / site before making the commitment to click and leave your site. In that case there is value in showing a preview.

The way to create a useful link to a category page within a conversation is to:

  • type # in the editor window (this cannot be the start of a new line but be inline as part of a sentence)
  • search for the tag by starting to type, or select from the suggested shortlist
  • select the relevant category (identified by the category title and colors)

So you can use this to link to categories (#community) or tags (#tagging)


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