Allow only posting to subcategories

Want to allow users to post to subcategory only and not into the category itself. For example, I have a category called ‘Classes’ with subcategories as the various classes underneath.


  • Adv Algorithms
  • Arduino Programming
  • Raspberry Pi
  • OpenCV…

It doesn’t make sense to post directly in the ‘Classes’ as that is generic term… I ONLY want them to post in the subcategories.

I can set permissions but that still allows them to start posting in Classes and doesn’t give an error until they actually attempt to submit the post,

I’m sure this has been asked before and I searched but I could not see it asked this way.

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Are you sure you can’t set the permissions for the parent category so they are viewable only by the users you want to limit access to? You would put them in a group and then give that group read access but not read and write access. If they are seeing that category in the composer as an option then maybe there’s a bug, or maybe they need to do a hard refresh in the web browser after you change the category permissions.


You are correct… I had to perform a CTRL-F5 in Chrome. After that the New Topic button could not be selected.

Thanks that makes it work!


Woohoo! Nice job. :sparkles:


I would also recommend hiding the new topic button in that category, it caused a lot of confusion on my site having it there but greyed out. Just add this css and change the category slug, I assumed your slug was classes.

body.category-classes #create-topic {
    display: none !important;
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