Unable to set up permissions on parent/subcategory

This seems to be a new issue as it was working fine previously.

Here are a couple example structures - it is a common pattern on forums:

  • Learning Resources - parent category that everyone can see but nobody can post in
    • Books - sub cat where staff can create/see/reply and everyone else can see/reply
    • Courses - same as above
    • etc

Aim of the above is to force use of sub-categories and the parent category is used to keep them all neatly together, i.e to act as a ‘parent’ category.

Another slightly different example:

  • Parent Category (can be seen by various groups, usually all those who can access the below, but can not be posted in)
    • Sub-cat 1 - user group 1 can create/see/reply
    • Sub-cat 2 - user group 2 can create/see/reply
    • Sub-cat 3 - user group 3 can create/see/reply
    • etc

Again the parent category is not to be posted in - it is to act purely as a parent for the sub-categories. The sub-categories can only be seen and posted in by those groups specified in the permissions. This is again to keep the (sub) categories neatly organised.

Trying to add a new sub-category and then a new user group to the sub-cat (where I try to allow that new user group to See the parent category) I get:

Any group that is allowed to access a subcategory must also be allowed to access the parent category.

Yet this is the parent category.

Anyone know what’s going on?

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Could this be related to your recent work @maja ?


Bug where you couldn’t add permissions to sub-category even though parent category is accessible by everyone was fixed few weeks ago (https://github.com/discourse/discourse/commit/fea5d4f3eceba37c43559a7c61a962de7d41d3b3)

You have to make sure group 1, group 2 etc. have permissions to see parent category before adding them to sub-categories.

I improved error message so it’s clearer now which groups only have access to sub-category and should be added to parent category:



Thanks, this should help a lot!


Ah that’s very helpful, thanks!

It appears I had a parent category for staff forums but the ‘staff’ group wasn’t able to ‘see’ it! I wasn’t actually using the staff group for the other sub-cats hence why it didn’t click. Thanks again Maja!


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