Allow reducing house ad frequency

Can the “house ads frequency” setting be used (set to less that 100 percent) when no other ad platforms are configured?

I’m only running house–ads, and I don’t want them always appearing; I want a house ad to appear some of the time, and when one does appear, I have a variety of them configured. I’m doing this because I don’t want people to “stop seeing” the portion of the page/display where the ad sits. I want there to be some unusualness to the appearance of a house ad.

What I’ve done is configure a number of “blank” ads (that is to say, <p></p>) which mimics the percentage I want. So if I have non-blank ads, I create 9 “blank” ads. People see an ad about 25% of the time (in the places where I have ads configured, etc), and when an ad appears.

I’d love to ditch my “blank” ads though, and just set this setting to 25%.


I am not sure it can, but it seems like a very nice and reasonable request for the plugin!

I let the team who own this know and they can see where they can slot into schedule.