Allow <script> tags in House ads

Could anybody confirm if <script> tags are allowed in a House Ad?


They still seem to be not allowed. It’s a pity, since there is no other plugin which has capability to show custom stuff for custom groups.


Feature Request, possibility to enable script inside House Ad. I understand, for security reasons not be able put JS in Posts, but for Plugins → I mean the config can only modify admin, so its safe.


I second this one! That way we could track House Ads impressions easier in GA or any other Analytics tool.

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Are you wanting to monetize house ads - find some way to get paid per view or click?

It’s possible to push click events on CSS elements to GA or other analytics tools. There’s an example of how to do that here: Push custom events to Google Tag Manager and Analytics - #7 by simon. I suspect that tracking views is what would be really useful.

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We add script tags in to our site header, would this work for your use case?

Currently, we are using Plausible Analytics which required exactly that at the moment. But we just realized that it might be easier to switch to Matomo

It has built in content tracking via data-* parameters, see: How do I markup content for content tracking? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo
That way, Matomo apparently eliminates the need to set up JS scripts for each goal/event you want to track. And costs about the same.

I will report later here

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