Allow some users to Schedule Publishing


As a admin I am able to create an unlisted topic and schedule the publishing using the topic timer. This is awesome feature and I would like to allow a specific group of users to do this.

As there no group based permissions it is not possible, isnt it?

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

Are those Specific Users Moderators or Just casual Users?

on our forum, Moderators can do that and process is just the same as You do it being an admin.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Sure just make that specific group of users, staff :wink:


They are a specific group of users. Not moderators.

(Bhanu Sharma) #5

as Jeff suggested, add them to staff group :wink:


Thanks, iam really new to Discourse :). So there no other way as adding them to moderators. I will try Category Moderator Lite to get this work.

(Bhanu Sharma) #7

We’re Discourse not Discord!