Allow specifying RegEx for Gravatar matching

I use a different alias for every one of my 1600 online accounts, and each alias is also uniquely plus addressed for good measure.

This isn’t because I’m a privacy advocate. I just want to be able to know where my mail comes from. This almost makes Gravatar useless for me, since without at least none of my accounts are associated with Gravatar,

Consequently, I should be able to specify something like in Discourse when choosing the Gravatar option


so that it doesn’t miss my avatar simply because the alias differs.

However, I don’t know whether Gravatar’s RPC-XML API would support this.

Gravatar works by creating a hash for an email address:

Gravatar as a service does not support your use case. Discourse provides a standard implementation, so it would need to change on the service side.

Does not seem likely. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response. I hold out hope though, that as computer literacy improves, this shall become a more common use case.


This is not possible by design since gravatar is never given the email address for the user, as @maiki was saying.

The Gravatar interface supports only “give me the Gravatar for this specific email address”.

It’s a feature that protects users, not a design flaw.


Yeah, it seems like the best solution is to just request this server-side at for the Discourse insteances that use Libravatar instead, although I’d still love this eventually somehow.