Allow students to create a tag when opening a topic

Hello Discourse team,

I run an e-learning platform and for QnA we are using discourse.

For each training we have a dedicated QnA section (i.e. Categories)

I am facing problem related to topic creation.
As an admin of the forum, I am able to create the topic for a specific categories. Please check following image for your reference.

However the students who are using the forum they are unable to create the topic.
Ex. If a student have a question related to a lecture no. 33 of a specific training (Category) and if the topic for that lecture dose not exist then student have to create the topic for the lecture no. 33 to post the question. But they are unable to do so as they cant see the create option.

Please refer following image for your reference.

Please let me know how to resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance.

You need to allow ‘Create’ permissions in that category for the Students group.

See How to create private categories using category permission / security settings

Thank you Mr. Richard for your prompt response. I really appreciate that.

But in security tab the create permission is given to everyone by default. As I want every user or student to be able to create the topic for any category.

Please refer the following image. I am little confused please help.

Thank you

You’re displaying the Tags list. It is confusing me.

Do you want students to be able to add a tag to each post?
do they not have access to tags?
are the right tags for the category not showing up?
Have you mandated tags in the category?

If your category requires tags on posts, the post button not being active is the expected behavior.

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Wait. I see this is not about topic creation, it’s about tag creations. The students are apparently unable to create the right tag if it does not already exists.

You might want to look at Admin - Settings - Tags - min trust to create tag and set it to something lower (e.g. 1 or 2).


Yes Mr. Richard, you got my point.

If the tag dose not exist then I want students to be able to create the tag.

Thank you @RGJ your solution helped me, really appreciate the quick response.

Thank you @itsbhanusharma for your time.

Have a great day


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