Allow swipe up/down actions to close images on mobile

When you have a big phone it gets frustrating to have to have to reach up to the close button to close out an image

When you swipe up/down, compared to most mobile apps it should close out to the image instead of scrolling farther.

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Out of curiosity which big phone are you using?

A 12 pro max with the minimum text size. It’s nice to have a big screen but a bit of a pain to reach some higher up buttons

Check this out:

I use my phone almost exclusively with one hand, Reachability is a game changer for that :exploding_head:


Thanks. I still think it’s a good idea to have a gesture I’m used to using on most all other apps.

And also seriously, that’s nice to have.

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I’m not suggesting the above isn’t useful, the approaches aren’t mutually exclusive. Being able to reach the top of every app on a large phone is pretty useful too :smiley:

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Yeah swipe gestures are pretty cool but I think that would be a huge change because the whole lightbox system should change. Magnific Popup, the current one is not support swipe gestures. I created a topic about it… Use PhotoSwipe instead Magnific Popup?

But you may also interested of the Custom Lightbox theme component. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve used PhotoSwipe on several WordPress websites and it was my best image viewing experience both on desktop and mobile so far. If Discourse’s image viewer was to change, I’d be in favor of this one (or similar). :+1:


I like the lightbox of Telegram app. tap to open image, double tap to zoom, double tap to shrink back to original size and swipe down (or up) to exit lightbox.

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