Swipe to close lightbox image on mobile

The behavior of a lightboxed image is a bit unintuitive to me compared to other apps. I would expect that when you swipe in any direction that the image would close, but instead it scrolls down the page then you have to scroll back up to find the X to close out. I’m sure this is the difference between a website and an app, but I thought it was worth a request.


The other way that seems intuitive to close a lightboxed image on mobile is to use the back button. That doesn’t work either. I have finally learned to find the X, but I agree that it can be hard to find.


Uhhh you guys know you can tap anywhere that isn’t the image to close it… right? :crazy_face:

I just tested on my iPhone, and yep, tapping anywhere outside the image closes it. Or the X.

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Uhhhh. That appears to also be true on my Pixel 2. :blush:

Definitely a better way, but not immediately evident/intuitive obviously :smile:

Ideally, the image would fill the screen as it does now, but you are not able to scroll and if you swipe in any direction it would close the lightbox. Additionally, if you pinch zoom the image then scrolling is active and you have to zoom back out to close. If this isn’t possible just tell me to shut up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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On my Windows mobile, I am used to hit back button to close all things that look like modals, like those enlarged images.
I make an exception with Discourse where I have learnt after many times that I would go with back to the previous page instead of closing that image.
So yes, maybe it is not completely consistent with the rest, if I expected it to close image. :slight_smile:
But I am really impressed with how slick is the general Discourse experience, it is really incredible.

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