Allow TL4 to merge posts. Oh, and having merge posts be reversible

Part 1 - Allow TL4 to merge posts.

I’m a TL4 here on and I’d love the ability to merge posts. It is quite common to have a user post multiple times in quick succession, when an edit of their first topic would do the job oh so much cleaner. A nice little merge makes a whole lot of tidy, keeping neat freaks like me happy.

Merging posts via the spanner menus is only currently possible for admin, mod, & category mod. Merging posts can’t be done manually by TL4s either due to the inability to delete a post.

It isn’t really feasible to promote those like me to mod, nor is it desirable to have my ilk as a series of category mods (think of the mess on the /about page!).

Merging isn’t (very) destructive, and all the text is retained (also in the edit history). It would seem a nice thing to grant to TL4s.

Part 2 - Reversible Merge

Now as a mod / admin on other forums, I’ve sometimes merged a few posts and then regretted it.

Unfortunately, while possible to unpick (at least partially), it is not pretty. One must move off the posts below, add in a new post, drop in the text, change the owner, and then fiddle with the dates. And still the likes / replies are a bit messed up.

It would be brilliant to be able to ‘Unmerge’. It would also be good for those TL4s above!


TL4 can split, so merging makes sense.

How woudl this be added? I cant really think of a place it could have a button and not be intrusive, maybe the wrench?


Have you given any thought to the other user involved, and how they’re likely to feel about it?


Well TL4 can already lock, unlist, archive, edit, make wiki, and some more that can all be seen that they did it by normal users.

Yea I would agree the post-wrench with a button that says unmerge and I would say there should be a popup saying that you want to unmerge to prevent unintended notifications going to the user.


In that case it could be not undoable within 30 mins or so?

The problem with TL4 not being able to delete posts will be solved with this PR.