Allow to change theme component repo url and branch

after added a theme component from a repo (a branch),

sometimes, may need to update the branch to try new development.
it will be very nice if could change it …

thanks !

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I think it’s better to install a new version of the theme component. It’ll complain about the name:

Screenshot 2023-12-12 at 9.09.08 AM

But you can change it:

The new version will start off in the “Unused components” section, so it’s easy to find.

From there you’d need to update which themes have the new version of the component. Be sure to remove the main branch version! All this will be easier to do on a new copy of the theme. Ideally your theme is on a repo too, but you can export it and import from the local machine in a pinch.


when debug a theme component, could switch to try different branches, if it allows to change it, it is easier. it takes more step to delete and install a new one… :slight_smile:

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