Allow to view scoreboard by 'Today' or 'Week'

We’ve received some pushback from our community since switching this on. Part of that comes from the “All Time” view where folks who are active now feel less involved than those who have been active a while ago who are no longer active. So here’s an idea.

:bulb: Allow Admins to set the default timeframe view of the Leaderboard.

If that were the case I’d set it to either “Today” or “Week” as a way to help the community focus on the now.

Alternatively, include the timeframe parameters in the URL so folks could bookmark their preferred timeframe view of the Leaderboard.

I also reiterated this with our community:

Whenever I look at the leaderboard I first switch it to “Today” to get a quick sense of who is about. Then I switch to “Week” and then “Month”. It gives me a sense of who is “around”. It also reminds me to connect with people I haven’t connected with for a while. I then just switch away from the leaderboard and back to the “Everything Latest” view and get involved there, as that’s where it all matters.


That’s already possible, as we had a great Enterprise customer sponsor this feature. To to the leaderboard you want and set the default time frame there.


Ah jeez, there it is! :facepalm:

Thanks for pointing that out, @Falco. :slightly_smiling_face:


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