Allow users to learn </> secrets

The “</>” button (seen above the words as I type) does many different things, depending on the size of the current area highlighted.

That’s great, but wouldn’t it be great if, in case it broke one day, for there be a list of all the things it does, so the user can do them himself?

For instance, sometimes it inserts one backtick. Sometimes three. Users would feel more in control if they could have an official explanation.

The explanation should be via a Markdown Help button, somewhere in the interface. Yes I’m talking about for all users on all sites.

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This topic feels like a way to rephrase your earlier (valid!) request for a help-button? :slight_smile:


Another duplicate here as well:


Let’s close this one off in favour of Do we need a help button on the composer? to keep the issue grouped to one topic. :+1: