Allow watching user to receive own posts by email

When I Watch a category, I want to receive all the posts to that topic as emails including posts that I make myself via the web interface, so my email has the complete history.

Is this possible?

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see Disable email notifications for own posts


I don’t see the options shown in that post. This is the entirety of my email options:

Perhaps something (mailing list mode) has been disabled by the site admin

There is the chance to globally disable mailing list mode by the admin.

If that is not the case, you will see the option in your personal email settings.

From what I heard it will lead to receiving ALL emails from ALL categories, regardless if you watch them or not, which makes it rather unhandy if you only want to subscribe to some categories.

Update: Actually that is only the case, if you don’t watch/follow any categories. When you do, you will receive all posts from all categories that you watch, track or watch first posts in.

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Thanks, yes it was disabled site-wide (now enabled). The site is currently very quiet, so volume of messages is not a problem.
We’re working on migrating a mailing list to discourse, so at least want to offer the option to stay in email land for those that prefer it.