Disable email notifications for own posts

Hi all,

I’ve enabled email notifications (“Send me an email for every new post”) in my profile. Unfortunately, I now receive notifications for my own posts and replies.

Technically it makes sense, but it’s slightly annoying. I’m aware that it’s by design: Getting email notifications for my own posts

I think it would be nice to have some kind of “Notify me of all new posts” option to user profiles. As the admin of a low traffic forum, I’d like to be notified of all and every posts/replies without getting an email for my own.

Does it make sense?


I think what you want is WATCHING. Look for it in your prefs.


Ah, I had missed that option somehow. Thanks for tip.


@tobiaseigen I tried your suggestion of using the Watching list, however it’s still not what I want, since I no longer get notified of new posts in existing topics.

Here are my current profile settings:

Hold on, I seem to be getting notifications again. I don’t think I’ve changed anything, so maybe I just missed earlier notifications…

you are aware that you don’t get emailed by discourse if you’re active on the site?

I did check “Do no suppress email notifications when I am active on the site” (as per the screenshot above), so I should get them anyway…

I believe this goes something like this:

  1. Where historically topics have been created in Category “Amazeballs” and replies made to these topics.
  2. Reading posts in a topic for a (site setting based) amount of time (usually 4 minutes) will change your current “notification options” for that topic from “Regular” to “Tracking”.
  • The current topic “notification options” can be seen at the bottom of any topic:
  1. Now adding the “Amazeballs” category the User Settings to “Watching” will:
  • make all new topics created from this point forward in the “Amazeballs” category initially start with the “Watching” “notification options” state rather than the “Regular” state.
  1. Topics created before the “Amazeballs” category was added to the User Setting “Watching” will:
  • continue to maintain their already defined “notification options” state.
  1. If you wish to start receiving notifications for a topic change the “notification options” to “Watching”:
  1. Even though you as a user have your settings for the “Amazeballs” category set to “Watching”; this only controls the initial “notification options” state for the newly created topics; so:
  • A user always has the choice to change an individual topic to any “notification state” so they don’t receive notifications regardless of the category “Amazeballs” being added to “Watching” in user settings.
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Hi @DeanMarkTaylor, thanks for chiming in!

Honestly, I find all this needlessly complicated. Maybe I’m not representative of most users, but my needs are pretty simple. I want to be able to enable email notifications:

( ) Every time someone mentions me (in any topic), replies to my post (in any topic), or post in a topic I created (optionally: unless I’m currently active on the site).
( ) For every foreign post (optionally: even my own posts).

I understand that you need to cater to a wide audience with varied needs, but maybe this area could use some compromising for the sake of simplification…

I do think this has come up enough that we should offer it as a user pref.


Doing so will keep the email list migrants happier.


I’m actually surprised nobody bumped this in nearly 3 years.

FWIW I’m still looking forward to such an option: I no longer get notifications for my own posts but I also no longer get any mail notification, so I’m regularly missing posts.

I guess I’m not in the target demographic, our forum is a small, low traffic one, and I read (and when I can and see them in time, answer) all posts.

To be honest, my confusion about Discourse continues to deepens :slight_smile: I don’t see anything regarding email notifications anymore in my profile:

I’ve also just been told by other members that email notifications have stopped for them a few months ago…

Should I create a new topic?




I have no words :man_facepalming: