Allowing some topics titles to be duplicated

This may be completely 100% niche and therefore not appropriate for a potential feature, but I thought I’d throw it out there and see.

The site setting to disallow duplicate topic titles is great, but we have a few topic titles that are likely and 100% ok to be duplicated. The example for us is requesting a training session for a tool (we run a makerspace). Users have started having to use topics like “Laser checkout request 2” etc in order to post their request.

I’ve disabled the site setting for now, but I like that it incentivizes descriptive topics (and prevents a bunch of topics that simply say “Help” or the like from cropping up.)

For now we’ll actively moderate and re-title topics if they’re not descriptive, but I thought I’d throw it out there to see if a) there’s an option I’m missing that would help or b) its a problem worth solving.

We could use a long running thread and just ask users to reply to it, so I suppose that would be an option too, but I’d rather not force users to go back and untrack the topic to not be notified of future replies on it.

From a UI standpoint, I don’t exactly have a suggestion for how it would work. A “whitelist” of duplicatable topic titles could easily get out of hand.


Why not have a single checkout topic, and people reply to it as they check out the laser? Or have a laser category and people create new topics there using their name or the date in the topic title?

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Its an idea, and that’s probably why we haven’t run into it before (we usually retitle topics once a session is scheduled with the date and time). In fact, this is probably the best option and why we haven’t seen this issue before. :slight_smile: