Title has already been used (in a secure category)

The duplicate topic title check doesn’t take into account whether the original title is that of a topic in a private category and it probably should.


Whether a topic has permissions (through the category) or not doesn’t make it eligible to not be a duplicate topic title.

If it is a PM, that’s a different matter.

I’d argue that it should. What is the rationale behind the rule?

Slug / title duplication, essentially. It’s been this way by design since inception in 2013.

That’s the logic but it’s not really solid a rationale IMO… what are we trying to fix or avoid with the rule?

Why is it suddenly a problem if it’s been this way since 2013 :thinking:

I’d like to see 3-4 reports of problems from customers before proceeding. I don’t take action on a sample size of one.

Because it makes no sense for a user that can’t see the other duplicates. They are forced to make up a title just to avoid a rule.

Fair enough that we don’t take action at this point but it still needs to be logged (in case 2 more come in).


Well, I’d argue this is kinda correct, in the same way that if your password is a duplicate then you shouldn’t really be allowed to use it, even if other people have that password as well.

The potential confusion between


… is substantial.

One has security implications and the other is just plain confusing…

But all good. Let’s leave this here for posterity with no action required right now.


The only place where slug duplication is really material is for SEO. If one resides in a secure category and we’re always talking about the less secured topic being created second, then surely this isn’t going to be a factor?

Hello, this is posterity. We’re creating a number of private categories, each with the same topics in them - but we’ve run up against this issue. Is there any way we can work around it?

Enable duplicate title support in site settings if you need that.