Alone someone to help me create a plugins

Good afternoon community, (sorry for the basic English of my person).

I just uploaded a discourse

I am looking for a person who can create a type of plugins or something similar.

I need to create a panel for the people mentioned, this means an example.

If Carlitos puts a claim on a person or company this separate company that was referred to for reasons.

So the aforementioned person can respond to that complaint, which is notified by email or in the same panel you receive notifications that you have to respond.

That person or company will have a range of verified.

I am grateful if anyone can help me over time to create this, and the value that would come out.

I listen to offers


Hello @Rufina and welcome :slight_smile:

It’s tricky to explain something in a foreign language sometimes, but it can help if you use a picture or an example

Do you mean something like this?


Hey @angus @Rufina asked me for some help to translate and yes. He needs something that connects his discourse website to these companies for them to get notifications of these claims. Could you please give us your skype to talk about this? Because I can’t talk to much here due to I’m kinda new.

Greetings, Ericsson.


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