Alow admins to hide welcome messages in inbox

Hi, sometimes I have private conversations, symbolised by the little envelope symbol. I often need to find these again for reference, but I can’t seem to find where they “live” - I am an admin which might be confusing the issue.

I have looked in as many places I can think, but the only way I seem to find them is by finding a post from the person in question and clicking from their avatar…

Have you tried your Profile Messages buttons?

where are those? I cant see them

You don’t see them near the bottom of the left column?


On my site at I have loads of non message stuff in there, including loads of “welcome to discourse” things which are not messages at all.

Yes, those are the ones.

If you have a lot of them you might have better luck using Search with the “messages” checkbox selected

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It’s odd though, I have only a few messages, like 5 or six, but it says hundereds and all those “welcome to phpList Discuss” things are not messages, I don’t know what they are…

If you are the Admin, Discourse is sending Welcome messages to new members on your behalf.
Take a look at one.

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Ah right, sorry, I thought that was just the intro page thing that there is, didn’t realise it was a message. Anyway to filter those out? Bit annoying really! :smiley:

AFAIK the Search doesn’t filter out but filters in, if you get my meaning.

That is you can’t exclude “welcome” but you can include “member_name” or a search term.

Well lets make a feature request for admins to have a way to not see these, perhaps a specific inbox or a check box filter etc. It’s unnecessary clutter.


That’s on the wishlist for future features!


No need to alter the history of your topic. Trying to rewrite history just makes a mess :stuck_out_tongue: Your initial query was solved. The natural next step would be to start a new topic or find an existing one, like this one:

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