Already seen posts appearing above Last Visit line?

I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, but some of my users are reporting that they’re seeing previously read topics with no new posts appearing above the Last Visit line. They all say that the problem started a couple of weeks ago, which might correspond to a recent Discourse update (I’m not sure how to check when I updated, though I’m sure Discourse tracks that somewhere).

For instance, this user says he was on the site 20 hours ago to post his report, but then came back and shared a screenshot that shows read posts from 2 and 3 days ago.

Any ideas?

Hi Adam, :thinking: that’s not going to be easy to reproduce…
Now that you say it, I might have came across something weird in the past few days, indeed… (but didn’t think twice about it, chalked it off as something device related maybe)
I’ll try to keep an eye open. Any particular plugin or theme installed ?

When is the last visit line refreshed?
It seems it even does not change after refreshing the page here at meta. At another discourse forum I visit (version) the line disappears after refreshing, because there were no new topics.

Yeah, I haven’t personally seen the problem, and I’ve started checking more carefully. But the fact that several people chimed in right away suggests that the person reporting isn’t imagining it.

There’s nothing particularly weird on this site.

Plugins are just:

  • discourse-sitemap (disabled while I get around to removing it from the app.yml file—I’ll go do that now, just in case)
  • docker_manager
  • retort
  • styleguide

and themes are just Default, Dark, and a custom one that gives darker code text for my older users who can’t see the difference otherwise. Plus the Custom Header Links component.