Alternate login method with SSO

Hi All,

I know that when SSO is enabled, it will be the only sign in method. But I don’t want that…

  1. I’d like users from my university to have an option to login with SSO.

  2. I’d like all users to have an option to login by creating a local account.

My University doesn’t provide an Oauth2 ID, so I can’t simply use OAuth2 instead of SSO. Any ideas? Or is this frowned upon for some reason?



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If you want multiple methods of login you shouldn’t use SSO.

You can write a plugin that implements your university login protocol as an omniauth strategy, following examples like GitHub - discourse/discourse-plugin-linkedin-auth: LinkedIn OAuth Login support for Discourse, GitHub - discourse/discourse-steam-login: Allows user authentication with discourse via the Steam user API and GitHub - discourse/discourse-plugin-discord-auth: A Discourse plugin to login over Discord.

That way you can have the plugin and local logins enabled at the same time.