Amazon onebox returning 404

On my production site, I’m getting 404’s in the oneboxing of every Amazon link I enter. On my dev site, they resolve beautifully.

At first I thought this was a conflict with plugins, in particular figured it was likely to be related to discourse-affiliate tacking a tag onto the query string. But it works fine on my dev machine.

Any clue on why this would happen?

I’ve been trying to trace the code of amazon_onebox on my dev machine with a debugger to understand the details, but I can’t find the code where it performs a fetch of the url.

My production machine is hosted on DO, in case that’s relevant.

I should also add that the other oneboxes I’ve tested are working fine on my production system, including Twitter and Youtube.

Follow up: I just updated to the latest commit of discourse-affiliate, and this has now disappeared.

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Sorry about that, there was a bug that was breaking amazon oneboxes… It’s fixed now.