Ambiguous replies

I’m not sure if this is a new issue or something that has only recently come to my attention, but it seems that the little “In Reply To” area is not shown when someone replies to the most recent post on a thread. Basically, the thing in the red circle below only appears when you reply to an earlier post in the thread.

A couple questions:

  1. How do we differentiate a generic thread reply from a reply specifically to the last post on the thread?
  2. How do emails / notifications work in cases of a generic thread reply versus a reply to the last post on the thread?
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In reply to metadata is suppressed by default (to reduce visual noise) when

  1. There is a single reply
  2. This single reply is directly under the post it is replying to

If you wish to change this, search your site settings for the word “suppress”


Thanks Jeff. Are emails / notifications still sent to people who want to know if they’ve been directly replied to, even when the visual noise is being suppressed.

Email preferences are set per user so it will depend what their preferences are and whether they are on the site at the time. By default, most users will be, e.g. shows:

Notifications are handled in the usual way regardless. The referenced site setting is purely about reducing visual metadata noise in the average topic.


OK, thanks I think I understand this all now. Feel free to lock this down.

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